August 26, 2003

Vodafone Time Telling

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Vodafone Mobiles: My mobile phone is intelligent enough to figure out exactly where the nearest transmitter is, decide what country I'm in and choose a network. It's also smart enough to charge me a fortune for the privilege of making calls on it while abroad.

Despite this, the phone can't pick up a simple signal to figure out what time it is. When I travel to a different time-zone I have to manually re-set the clock.

Even comparatively stone-age US phones are able to set their clocks automatically. Very annoying.

Posted by Nick at August 26, 2003 05:26 PM | TrackBack


i thought my phone could not tell local time, so when i got to my new time zone i subtracted an hour to the time it displayed. imagine the wackiness that ensued when i was an hour late for my connecting flight!

Posted by: jesse on August 26, 2003 10:41 PM

Many (GSM) phones will try to set the time when you connect via GPRS (i.e. for WAP or Internet browsing).

Some phones, however, refuse to let you make a GPRS connection unless you set the date and time. *sigh*.

Posted by: Chris on August 27, 2003 03:21 PM

Whats even worse is nokia phones which need their date and tiem set every tiem you remove the battery. as you sadi it shouldnt be too hard to find a tiem source.

Posted by: bob on August 27, 2003 06:49 PM

stone age US phones? Last time I read up on it CDMA was a significantly more advanced tech then GSM, hence the significantly better real world data transfer speeds. Only thing backwards about them is that they are not compatible with the rest of the world. Of course a CDMA/GSM hybrid is totally technically possible, if not for phone company stupidity.

Posted by: Abe on August 28, 2003 08:17 AM

When I returned to America after being in Europe recently, I learned about this ability to pick up the signal that American cell phones have. I thought it was a new thing. Vodafone does need to get their act together about these things.

Posted by: Jackie on August 30, 2003 04:30 PM

My friend bought a cell phone that was supposed to be really high-tech. It had five games, screen savers, ect. Aslo, apparently it was supposed to work anywhere in the world. Well, anywhere in the world, as long as it's in my city. It didn't work in Syracuse, Cambridge, or Ottawa.

Posted by: Elizabeth on December 12, 2003 03:43 PM
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