March 31, 2003

Persistence of Paper Tickets

Category: Aviation

The Airlines: Nothing is more annoying than losing a plane ticket and going through the nightmare (and cost) of having it re-issued. Although the majority of airlines are making efforts to go "completely electronic", there are situations where they continue to force you to have a paper ticket. Notably, when redeeming frequent-flyer miles for a flight with a partner airline. The only reason I can think of for this would be that different airlines have different software that hasn't been properly synchronized. But it really can't be that difficult for a reputable agent from one airline to call the other and say "hey, put this passenger in your system".

On a related topic, some people still prefer paper tickets because they apparently offer you greater flexibility in the event your flight gets cancelled. But for the reason outlined above, I'm baffled as to why this continues to be the case.

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