September 26, 2004

International CXT

Category: Cars

The Pits of Hell: In an uncanny display of hubris, the international truck corp has succeeded in dwarfing the Hummer with this ungodly shitbox on wheels known as the CXT. Read all about it. One can only hope this is the "jumping of the shark" as far as mega trucks goes. The optimist in me expects a lot of hype and a few freak purchases. Sometimes life feels like a cartoon. God bless America.

[Official Website]

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And their publicity talks about "making statements" rather than any practical use for the thing. What sort of "statement" does it make, other than "I am an complete jerk".

Presumably some wannabe alpha male types think such a vehicle will compensate for the small size of their male member?

Posted by: Tim Hall on October 1, 2004 10:55 AM
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