June 23, 2004

Green Hummer

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Los Angeles: Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh on these guys because their hearts seem to be in the right place. So let's call this "less stupid" but still missing the point. Nonetheless, the Green Hummer is here.

Yes, it's a Hummer, but it runs on a combination of "Green" fuels such as hydrogen and biodiesel. The problem is it probably uses twice as much as a normal car would, so you run into many of the same problems of over consumption that inspired it in the first place.

Furthermore, the philosophy it suggests is that we can do a "quick fix" to our fossil fuel problems and then continure being gluttons, and it does nothing to answer the age old question: "but why would you want such a behemoth?"

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Hummers have to be the apotheosis of "I have more money than brains." They're expensive to purchase and expensive to operate...and uncomfortable to drive and to be a passenger in.

Posted by: liz on July 3, 2004 01:38 AM

i agree with the fact that hummers are a complete waste of resources (bike nerd!), but i do have to say that this is definitely better than a regular hummer. if it did use more fuel (it claims 18 MPG versus the standard 5 MPG), then it's not AS bad as the regular hummer. the fuels are all biodegradable and renewable resources, and far cheaper than petroleum products.

bottom line: while this still is a behemoth of a vehicle and no one is using them to their potential at all (and they do have potential to be great offroad vehicles - if you're into that), the environmentally friendly fuels are a step in the right direction.

Posted by: Ian on August 6, 2004 10:00 PM

Even the "greenest" Hummer is still a three-ton, road-hogging tank that's practically designed to kill pedestrians, cyclists, and occupants of other cars upon impact. (It's designed to climb 18" stairs - which is well above the bumpers of most cars. SUVs' tall, metal front end are 20 times likelier to kill pedestrians and cyclists upon impact than regular cars.) Environmental responsibility means nothing if it's not countered by social responsibility.

Besides, there's a truly green hummer out there.
- pc

Posted by: Payton on August 11, 2004 02:05 PM

Hi all,
We're in San Francisco, CA. We bought a used HUMMER H1 to be used and wheeled off-road. Not our daily driver. This is not some yuppie bling bling type ghetto chrome crap ride! Scratches a must :-) OK back to the agenda. Let's not bash this vehicle or whatever SUV in mind. We strongly believe in doing our part with alternative US American fuels which you can homebrew: WVO Waste Straight Vegetable oil FREE from your local restaurants. our is powered by 100% waste recycled vegetable oil and we get about 18 mpg Highway, 14 city. Remeber this H1 has no sportcar low co-efficient wind drag aerodynamics design just 90 degree windows. Not much compared to the Toyota Prius BUT we are off FOREIGN TERRORIST FUEL! Even your home is powered partly by oil! SUPPORT SOLAR Power too as we do! Check your state for rebates if avail. Everyone Live and Let live! Use google and do some research. Only 1 planet enjoy life.

Posted by: H1VeggieOil on August 18, 2004 03:31 AM

Hi everyone!

I also want to buy a used HMMWV (mil. version) and convert it to run on svo/wvo.

Does anyone have info or experience on this topic?
(especially "H1VeggieOil")

I would appreciate ANY help so much.

Thank you folks !!



Posted by: hoemmes on September 15, 2004 02:14 PM

An H1 running Biodiesel is greener than any gas burning vehicle including hybrids. There is a "quick fix" solution to the oil crisis (biodiesel) but it is easier for most people to drive a gas powered car and point the finger at someone else who they say "is the problem." The downside of everyone driving Hummers on biodiesel is that we need to grow more soybeans.

Posted by: on September 15, 2004 04:48 PM

I have asked Am General for comments on civilian H1's running on SVO and I will post what they send back. I have been running mine on B100 for a while. It is my 4th H1 (since 1995)running on B100 and the only problems have been premature fuel filter clogging. There is a little less power but the engine does run smoother. The HMMWV should not have a problem but I am not as familiar with the fuel system which is where the problems would occur.

Posted by: on September 15, 2004 04:55 PM

Thanks for the quick answer!

I would guess that AM General strictly forbides the use of SVO on its vehicles due to warranty issues and lack of field reports.

I had some more thoughts on my next vehicle. A 2-tank system (original tank filled with vegetable oil) and an additional one with biodiesel for starting /warmup, switched manually.

Perhaps I also have to change the fuel lines + gaskets (rubber --> viton) and the fuel pump because of the higher viscosity of pure oil.

Fuel prices are going up day by day here in Europe (Germany), we are paying roughly more than 4 times as much then you do per gallon.

On the other hand I am a student of Biology and want to protect the environment.
We want to use this vehicle as an alternative to our existing Ford Explorer which consumes gasoline way tooo much and we need a huge car for transporting goods on our farm.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes, etc since English is not my mother tongue.

Keep me updated, please !



Posted by: hoemmes on September 16, 2004 04:46 PM

The Hummer is basically an exercise in excess, no matter how it's powered. Its advantages to the military are understandable. As a professional vehicle, it can be useful to geologists, resource managers, landscapers, and other people in a profession where access to remote areas is advantageous. Still, outside of the military uses, even professionals with such needs can get by with your standard off-road capable vehicles.

The Hummer is a toy, not a means of conveyance. There is no reason anyone needs a Hummer for personal or recreational use, unless maybe you live 25 miles from the nearest rural dirt road in the middle of Alaska. Otherwise, the Hummer is just a grown-up version of some G.I. Joe toy. A few folks like Schwarzenegger saw the troops cavorting about in the HUM-V and whined "I want it!" Then a few more folks that knew nothing about the value of a dollar started whining that they wanted one too, like kids at a party getting envious of the birthday boy.

There are plenty of other "toys" out there on the road.. the Porche, the Ferarri, Jaguars, etc.... vehicles that are as much for show as they are for driving. At least with some of the makes, like Jag and BMW, you have the reputation of engineering behind them as well. The Hummer, however, is in a toy class all of it's own. It's pretty much a working Tonka Toy.. and looks like one, too. The only vehicle I have a harder time taking its looks seriously is the PT Cruiser.

Of course, everyone has their toys in one respect or another. PDAs, personal MP3 players, pleasure boats.. whatever. A lot of adult toys (no.. not **adult** toys :D) walk the line between useful and silly. PDAs are useful to some, but just gadgets to others. MP3 players are basically toys, but not much more so than personal cassette and CD players like the Walkmanand Discman. Their current price is mosly what ranks them as a "toy" in the you-spent-far-more-than-that's-worth sense.

The Hummer, though, is in a class all it's own. With rotten mileage in the standard ones, excessive weight and size in both the standard and "green" versions, and a price tag that costs about the same as a decent house, the Hummer is something that there really is no logic for buying, other than simply wanting one. It's like a ping-pong table for a quadruple amputee or Ray Charles buying the Mona Lisa.

The advantages of the Hummer/HUM-V design really have very little, if any, practical application to every day civillian life. The disadvantages of its design greatly exceed its rarely-utilized advantages for daily use and even recreational use. It's an elephant gun for taking out mosquitos. It's the deep-fried, chocolate-dipped Snickers bar of automobiles. It's like patterning private aircraft after the Spruce Goose. It's like buying the Taj Mahal to use as a storage closet.

While I think they're wasteful of resources, I can't say I'd call for banning them from the roadways. Who are we to tell people who don't know the value of a dollar what to do with their money? All I'm saying is, IMO, they're simply a huge, expensive playtoy. Someone wanting a Hummer is the automotive equivalent of a hunter wanting a working, fully automatic assault rifle.... there's no need or use for it, other than simply wanting one, and that's the logic 6-year-olds use to justify "needing" something.

Posted by: Onikaze on September 24, 2004 11:52 AM
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