May 05, 2004 

Unneeded Paper Tickets

San Francisco: I normally love the SFMoMa. Yesterday was the first tuesday of the month, and was therefore FREE admission. However, the museam still required you to pick up... [read on...]

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 April 02, 2004 

The Cable TV Schedule Channel

The Boob tube: I know that better options exist for those willing to shell out for digital cable, but for those of us stuck with basic, the schedule page is... [read on...]

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 March 22, 2004 

Apple Stickers

Your grocery: Why in the world must almost every apple I find in the store come with an annoying sticker that must be picked off? Half the time I... [read on...]

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 August 26, 2003 

Vodafone Time Telling

Vodafone Mobiles: My mobile phone is intelligent enough to figure out exactly where the nearest transmitter is, decide what country I'm in and choose a network. It's also smart enough... [read on...]

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 July 11, 2003 

Credit Card Signatures

Your Local Shop: In the UK, merchants actually take time to examine your signature when you pay by credit card. This is fairly reassuring, as they never so much as... [read on...]

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 February 20, 2003 

Uncoordinated Empires

Branson HQ: European "frequent flyer" programs generally offer dismal reward opportunities when compared to those in the US, where huge numbers of miles can be earned by using credit cards,... [read on...]

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 February 13, 2003 

Comic Relief: Fitness

Good grief. I really have no comment on this one! (photographer unknown, thanks Jen!)... [read on...]

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 December 19, 2002 

Messing with Wrigley Field

Chicago: There are few things left sacred in US professional sports. Among them is Wrigley Field in Chicago, one of the only venues around that truly integrates itself with a... [read on...]

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 October 31, 2002 

Overlay Area Codes

US PHONE SYSTEM: Here's a simple question - let's say you had to institute an unpopular change upon society. You can do something that annoys half the population temporarily, or... [read on...]

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 October 30, 2002 

Daylight Savings

YOUR CLOCK: In the interest of keeping this site updated at least weekly, I'll have to jump a bit outside my intended scope of coverage to decry something that I... [read on...]

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