September 30, 2004 

Backwards Energy Thinking

Milwaukee: Has the brain really drained out of Wisconsin? Two incredibly myopic proposals are on the table in the Milwaukee area concerning electric generation and water use. Firtsly, Wisconsin Energy... [read on...]

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 September 13, 2004 

Handing over Public Treasures for Pittance

Utah: Although I don't even own a car, I still accept both sides of the drilling issue - as long as we stay dependent on pathetically inefficient and dirty fossil... [read on...]

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 August 15, 2004 

Styrofoam Cafeteria Trays

Washington: This is one of the worst examples of "Muda" I've ever seen. Actually, it may not fit that definition precisely, but it's incredibly wasteful: At the "Old Post Office"... [read on...]

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 April 20, 2004 

Unnatural Nature

Anthem, AZ: Far to the north of Phoenix, lies a rapidly expanding suburbia that is at best barely begining to understand the desert environment they are paving over. At Anthem,... [read on...]

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 January 15, 2003 

100% Recycled (not)

Side of a box: Contrary to popular belief, "100% Recycled" means 100% nothing. The legal definition of recycled paper includes scraps and leftovers from the paper manufacturing process, among other... [read on...]

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 November 01, 2002 

Ketchup Packets

YOUR LOCAL DIVE: Curse these vile things. You need 16 packets to get a reasonable amount of ketchup, and your fingers always become annoyingly soiled, along with the table. Additionally,... [read on...]

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 October 16, 2002 

Recycling in Britain

LONDON: Sorry to sound like a preacher here, but the state of recycling in this country has left my mouth agape in shock. Maybe I've been in California too long.... [read on...]

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