September 07, 2004 

The Wright Amendment

Dallas: Thw world of aviation is filled with strange protectionist laws, but none is stranger or more questionable that the infamous "Wright Amendment" and it's cousin the "Shelby Amendment". When... [read on...]

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 December 12, 2003 

Ryan Air Destinations

London: Although Ryanair is great for getting to obscure places from London for very, very cheap, one must never forget that they are incredibly misleading about exactly where they fly.... [read on...]

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 September 12, 2003 

Immobile Armrests

Your Airline: One of the rare luxuries of economy class air travel occurs when you have a whole row of seats to yourself. You can raise the armrests and, if... [read on...]

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 August 11, 2003 

One Way Airfares

Your Airline: I'm not the first person to be baffled by the complexity of airline ticket pricing, so I'll concentrate on one minor area: One Way Ticket Pricing. How can... [read on...]

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 March 31, 2003 

Persistence of Paper Tickets

The Airlines: Nothing is more annoying than losing a plane ticket and going through the nightmare (and cost) of having it re-issued. Although the majority of airlines are making efforts... [read on...]

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 February 20, 2003 

Uncoordinated Empires

Branson HQ: European "frequent flyer" programs generally offer dismal reward opportunities when compared to those in the US, where huge numbers of miles can be earned by using credit cards,... [read on...]

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 February 17, 2003 

Elevated Tunnels

Heathrow, Terminal 1: The outlying gates here are connected by very long tubes with no windows. The lack of glass would make sense if they were underground, but they're actually... [read on...]

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 January 29, 2003 

Direct Flights (not)

Airline X: So are you flying direct? Depends how you define it. Most people think a 'direct flight' is a 'non-stop' flight. It's not. In the same defining spirit as... [read on...]

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 January 01, 2003 

Bogus Window Seats

NWA 757: Expecting a window seat, this is what I got. Had the flight not been a merciful 45 minutes, I might have clawed a window of my own.... [read on...]

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