January 29, 2003

Direct Flights (not)

Category: Aviation

Airline X: So are you flying direct? Depends how you define it. Most people think a 'direct flight' is a 'non-stop' flight. It's not.

In the same defining spirit as the term '100% recycled', the term 'Direct Flight' simply means that during the course of your journey, your flight number will not change. Your plane might land 4 times at intermediary airports, and you might even have to get off and switch aircraft, but legally, that's still a direct flight as long as your flight number doesn't change.

The reason? It's a legacy from other forms of travel. A 'direct' train or bus from London to Manchester probably stops lots of places too, and no one thinks twice about altering the terminology.

Anyway, be advised when making your reservations: ask for 'non-stop' if that's what you're looking for.

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