January 22, 2003

The Stink About Parking Meters

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San Francisco: For once I agree with Ken Garcia. It seems the city of San Francisco is replacing those crummy old mechanical parking meters with efficient 'multi-space' meters, like you see in Europe. This sound's like a great idea to me, but the SFBC is raising a stink about it because you can't chain your bike to the new meters.

Granted, San Francisco needs more bike racks, and anything that encourages more people to bike is a good idea. But making life easier for people who need to park a car is not necessarily such a bad idea either.

The obvious solution: the city should decapitate the old meters, and leave the poles in place (with a new cap of some kind). Bingo - instant bike racks for nothing, everyone's happy.

Links: [NYTimes article][Reino Multibay Meters]

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