December 29, 2002

Vegas Monorail Extension

Category: Transit , Urban Planning

Las Vegas: Las Vegas has finally begun to expand its monorail system.

The current system is a pretty useless novelty that runs so far behind the MGM Grand that it's usually not worth walking to the station. The new system also looks like it will be pretty far behind the strip, but it will be much longer, running from the Airport all the way downtown via the convention center. Anyone who's ever waited for a cab at McCarran Airport on a Friday night (a 45 minute ordeal) will breath a sigh of relief. It still won't solve the hassle of crossing Las Vegas Blvd, which is sort of like playing frogger, but it's a big step in the right direction.

But the best thing about the Monorail, and an innovative new bus system being implemented concurrently, is that it will be a showcase for effective public transportation. Millions of tourists with minimal exposure to public transit will be treated to a fast, cheap and comfortable system that may open their minds to the medium in their home towns.

[map of proposed alignment][Relevant Article][more info]

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from the article about Vegas buses:

"All this may come as a shock to visitors from the Bay Area, who have long ... prided themselves as living in a region on the leading edge of transit innovation. "

What? BART provides a smooth enough ride, but with a limited route, expensive fare, and no airport access - it's far from perfect. MUNI, while only $1, is a shining example of inefficiency that scares people away from public transit.

Posted by: spencer on January 2, 2003 05:16 PM

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