March 21, 2003

Spider Maps

Category: Geography/Maps , Transit

London: The original London bus map [pdf] is almost impossible to navigate because rather than showing lines for routes, you have to find little numbers on the map in much the same way as finding hidden words in a scramble of letters, (remember those games?).

However, a brilliant cartographic innovation known as a "Spider Map" has recently been introduced that makes navigation a breeze.

A spider map shows your route options radiating out from your current position, with major stops listed along the way. It's not geographically accurate because it's schematic, like the tube map. In the center of the map, however, is a precise diagram of the immediate neighborhood with letters indicating where to stand to catch any particular bus.

Minor drawbacks are that you have to be somewhat familiar with major landmarks around town, and the map won't help you much if you need a transfer at some point. But they're all available online, so you can figure things out pretty easily in advance.

Here's one for Hyde Park Corner to play with.

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