July 28, 2004

Signal Box Maps

Category: Design

Victoria, BC: I've always found public maps to be of great benefit when you're navigating unfamiliar ground, but they can be fairly expensive to set up. A group known as "Rock Solid" has come up with a nifty and dirt cheap way of displaying maps while at the same time dealing with eyesores (namely, those big blank signal and transformer boxes you see all around town which are typically covered in graffiti).

A map decal was designed to fit exactly over the signal box. Check it out here.

They also came up with some great designs for other types of utility boxes.

[Thanks Darren]

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Very nice idea. If you devote a bit of that map space to advertising you could helf defray the costs.

Posted by: Val Ann C on July 28, 2004 07:33 PM
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