May 19, 2003

Seat Guru .com

Category: Aviation , Internet

The Internet: This is the kind of website that gives me hope for the future of the internet.

Seat Guru has meticulously pieced together seat maps for all aircraft currently in service for 6 major US airlines and evaluated each aircraft for the best and worst seats and given detailed reasoning behind each choice.

It's brilliant for its utility: if I had known about this website a few months ago, I could have avoided this horrible situation. And it's brilliant for being a free resource thrown together purely as a hobby with no commercial undercurrent. Next time you're flying somewhere, give it a look first!

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This is a GREAT site. My brother told me about it today. Wow! Going Lufthansa 340-300 PDX-FRA at the rear of plane. Still feel it will be comfortable coach. Did Continental 777-200 to CDG last year at xtreme rear & was pleasantly surprised by legroom & seat width & I'm 6'2" @ 180 lbs.

Posted by: Larry Jordan on July 17, 2003 08:08 PM
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