January 13, 2003

Scooter Man

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London: Here's a brilliant idea! If you've been out boozin' it up at the local pub and find yourself in such a state that driving home is not an option. You can call "Scooterman". A guy then shows up on a little collapsible scooter, folds it up and sticks it in the trunk of your car. He drives you home in your car, then scoots off to the next customer. Not cheap, but probably less expensive than 2 cab rides.

Supposedly this is working quite well in Japan. I'm not sure how successful it is in London. Americans might be too protective of their cars to use it, but it would be worth a try somewhere like L.A.

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On paper this is a great idea, and in practise it almost is. If you can be bothered getting past the registration process, the service is very timely and will get you home safely.

Your car may not be as safe though. Maybe this is just me but we didn't check the car for a few days after we used Scooterman - but when we did, we found the car unlocked!

We drive an old Saab and no one had tried to nick it, but they could have...!

Posted by: Jen Mc on March 20, 2003 05:27 PM

Minus the cool scooters, there is something like this in the US.

Posted by: Dane Carlson on June 16, 2003 05:02 AM
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