January 07, 2003

Menomonee Valley Redevelopment

Category: Urban Planning

Milwaukee: If all goes swimmingly, the redevelopment of the Menomonee Valley, a huge forlorn Brownfield in the middle of town, will be one of the most exciting and successful redevelopments in the United States. It should feature rehabilitated old factories, offices, light manufacturing, a riverfront bike trail, and a lot of new homes and condos, all in an attractively green, yet urban, setting. It will also serve as a corridor between the lakefront and Miller Park Stadium, which was foolishly built in the middle of a huge, isolated parking lot.

Menomenee Valley Partners has put together an exciting website detailing the area and offering some possibilities. Considering the size of the city, the scale of this project approaches that of the London Docklands, but with an even more central location.

Unfortunately, some mistakes have already been made in the valley, most notably the paving of several acres for a huge casino's parking lot (can't they afford a garage?), which raises fears that the whole site might end up with the feel of a suburban office complex. I'm hopeful, however, that the project will revolutionize Milwaukee.

Photo from MVP website. [additonal article][More Reading]

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An interesting and excititng project is occuring in Brooklyn, NY with the conversion of abandon piers on the East River into a world class park overlooking lower Manhattan. Worth checking out...


Posted by: John Reynolds on January 15, 2003 06:00 PM
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