November 12, 2002

London City Airport

Category: Aviation , Urban Planning

LONDON: The London Docklands are the site of what is probably by far the worlds biggest industrial reuse project. It's been going on for about 20 years and is still in full swing. Among other things, an airport has been carved out of the former wasteland, on a spit-like quay where ships docked years ago.

It's a very small airport, with only one little runway, and it's capable of handling only small planes, but yet it manages to be an incredibly useful way to get to most of the major cities in Europe, with infinitely less hassle than the other 4 major airports around London, especially if you live on the eastern end of the city. The convenience, and the amazing views flying in, are more than worth a few extra pounds in ticket prices.

The only drawback is that for some reason, the Docklands Light Railway doesn't yet go all the way to the airport, so you have to transfer to a little bus, which slows down the journey, but still, it beats the hour or more it takes to get to any other airport!

To get a better look at it, check out this photo: Click Here.

Posted by Nick at November 12, 2002 03:49 PM


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