June 23, 2004

Free Bike Parking

Category: Cycling

Denver: One of the major obstacles to bike commuting is not having a safe and convenient place to park your bike. The Cherry Creek North development in central denver, however, has taken it upon themselves to create a huge (1000sq foot) "bicycle day care center" where commuters can stash their bikes. It even has places to change your clothes.

The best thing about it is it appears to have been the result of cooperation between farsighted developers and the biking community rather than the result of kicking and screaming. It's a perfect example of what can be done in new developments to make things better.

Now, if we could just get some free showers and locker rooms at the office!

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Here's a nomination for another great bike facility to be included in "Beyond Brilliance", the new bike station in Millennium Park in Chicago. 300 reserved 24-7 spots; hundreds more day-use spots; showers, lockers, the works. Suddenly bike commuting for Loop workers becomes reality.

Posted by: Daniel on August 9, 2004 07:00 AM
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