May 28, 2003


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Scotland: A 'bothy' is a type of old stone stone cottage that can be found scattered around the Scottish hinterland. For hikers who don't feel like bothering with a tent, bothies are a place to crash for the night, and usually have at least a fireplace, and sometimes rudimentary furniture. It's a very social way to camp, with random groups of people winding up together, drinking whisky into the wee hours.

Similar mountain huts can be found in other areas of the globe, but I've never seem them with quite the character of the Scottish bothies.

The bothy pictured is about as luxurious as it gets, with pots and pans, a fireplace, candles, and a nice dry loft to sleep on. I'm afraid its location will have to remain secret. ;-)

More info: [Mountain Bothies Assoc.]

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