September 18, 2003

Alternative Sidewalk Use

Category: Urban Planning

Prescott, AZ: Here's an interesting novelty for cities to consider - outside the Prescott Library, the sidewalk has been transformed into a block-long historical timeline documenting everything from the first hominid steps to the first steps on the Moon. Nothing fancy or sophisticated about it, but it certainly makes walking the dog a lot more thought provoking.

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Clever commentary!

Posted by: RH Aster on September 19, 2003 02:51 AM

Portland OR has words embedded in the brick sidewalk on a block downtown as part of its public art program. I'll have to try to scan some of my photos of them this weekend.

Sidewalk chalk is always a handy temporary relief.

Posted by: heidi on September 19, 2003 07:23 PM

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