March 04, 2003

Utilizing Space Under Freeways

Category: Architecture , Design , Urban Planning

Paris: There is a huge perimeter freeway encircling Paris, and a huge Expo Center at Porte de Versailles right next to it. The designers of one of the halls didn't see the freeway as an obstacle, but rather built a good portion of the exhibit space underneath the roadway. The sound proofing is so good you'd never notice except for the sight of cars whizzing by the upstairs windows.

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interesting! i wonder which came first, that building, or Westbourne Studios, recently opened under the Westway in London:,11710,780716,00.html
(sadly, missing the photos that were in the print edition)
(some photos)

Posted by: A_t on March 27, 2003 12:54 PM

This trend happened in Atlanta a few years ago and begun an urban condo boom that is still going strong. There are some great opportunities that can be converted to residential, it just takes some imagination and local goverment flexibility.

Posted by: Rees on September 29, 2003 04:01 PM
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