January 29, 2003

Ye Olde Mitre

Category: Wildcard

London: 'Ye Old Mitre' is a fantastic old pub in central London. Good luck finding it. You'll need to locate a virtually invisible passageway off Hatton Garden, then follow it into the darkness. But that's part of what makes this place so brilliant.

Once down the passageway, the pub entrance becomes visible next to an old-style street lamp. Approaching it makes you feel like you've uncovered a secret. Inside, it's very traditional, boasting such delicacies as 'scotch eggs' and bitter beer, and has low, dark, wooden ceilings and comfortable, if smoky, furniture. All of this thrives in the middle of an otherwise modern block of offices, a real treasure.

Image courtesy of Rob's Pubs. Incidentally, Ye Olde Mitre is exempt from Dave Barry's extra 'E' Tax, because it really deserves them.

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