December 23, 2002

Bus Rapid Transit

Category: Transit

Curitiba, Brazil: Given a budget that made rail transit impossible to implement, the city of Curitiba famously cordoned off some traffic lanes and started running stretched buses between stations as a cheaper substitute. The system runs just like a rail system, with exclusive rights of way for the busses and platforms where you buy your ticket before boarding.

It's way less expensive than running rails, simple to set up (just block off some lanes and stick a platform every half mile or so) and when the busses get to the suburbs they can pop onto regular streets. It's universally hailed as a brilliant success, and is being copied in cities all over Latin America, including Bogota, pictured above.

For some reason, this type of transit is often viewed as less appealing than rail, especially in the US, (something about buses just isn't that romantic) but for less wealthy populaces in Latin America, it seems pretty ideal.

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