December 10, 2002

Airborne Internet

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The Friendly Skies: [nytimes article] There's a certain regret in seeing one of the last web-free places fall, but honestly, as long as I'm stuck in coach what could be better than live internet to play with? The latest system is being tried out by Boeing, and will probably cost a certain amount to use, and you'll need to bring your own laptop.

This could benefit the airlines financially because they wouldn't have to concentrate as much on expensive PTVs and video systems. Just give everyone an internet jack and charge them a few bucks a flight. A power outlet might help too, as my battery lasts about 15 minutes.

Now, actually fitting your laptop in front of you whilst maintaining enough room to move your arms... that will remain a challenge, especially when the guy in front of you leans back. Note to self - bring a book.

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