October 31, 2002

Car Sharing

Category: Cars

YOUR CITY: Now here's a great idea already in place in several US cities, and apparantly in Europe as well!

It's called car sharing. It works like this - for a very reasonable membership/mileage fee, you can have access to a fleet of vehicles parked at various locations around your city. The target is people who only need a car on occasion for a weekend trip or a run to IKEA, and the mission, obviously, is to make it even easier for people to give up their automobiles.

All you have to do is go onto a website, select the time you'll need a car and the pickup location. You walk down to the lot near you, and click a button on your handy keyring. The car unlocks and you start it up in a similar electronic manner. You're automatically billed as mileage accrues, then you return it to the lot and you're done! They even have electric cars if you're feeling especially environmental. It remains to be seen how successful these programs become, but, when in San Francisco, i see at least 3 or 4 of those green bugs a day!


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