October 23, 2002


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LONDON: Brilliance! There is a chain of stores in London, and I presume the rest of the UK, called "Argos". It's a giant megastore that sells everything imaginable. But, unlike the typically hideous suburban mega-store, Argos stores are located in the middle of London, apearing from the outside to be small boutiques the size of an average drug store.

Customers only have access to this small area, which only has a few small items on display, along with desks on which gigantic catalogues sit. Your job as a customer is to go through these catalogues and then write down the number coresponding to the item you want to buy.

Then you go up to the cashier, buy it, get a reciept, and someone runs off into an invisible warehouse that is either several floors above the boutique or underground somewhere. When your reciept number is called you go to another desk and collect your items!

Fast, easy, no wandering aimlessly, and clearly this must be of great savings to the store. You can even phone in your orders ahead of time, which aleviates the only major drawback to the system: It takes a while to get used to scrumming through that giant catalogue!

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