October 21, 2002

London Busses

Category: Transit

LONDON: I can't bad-mouth London so badly in the right-hand column without mentioning something good:

London busses rule. They're reasonably fast, reasonably comfy, and the fare collectors are actually nice. There is an amazing GPS system which tells you when the next bus is coming so you can decide if it would be better to walk. The fare is a pound, which is almost 40% cheaper than the Tube, and in many cases the bus is faster, largely due to the endless labyrinth you have to navigate inside any Tube stop. Even better, a set of regularly scheduled night buses can save you a bundle on the exorbitant cab fares.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention: they're double decker! What could be cooler? ;-)

The few drawbacks are that traffic can sometimes render the bus useless, and for some inexplicable reason, the bus gives you no transfers, so you have to pay twice if you switch bus lines. That's kind of silly in my opinion.

Posted by Nick at October 21, 2002 06:45 PM

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