October 16, 2002

Honor System Busses

Category: Transit

BUDAPEST: Aside from traffic, the biggest cause of delay for a bus is the loading and unloading of passengers. Mainly, this is because everyone has to line up at the front door and show their pass or pay their fare, creating a bottleneck. But what if people paid before they got on? Then they could hop into any open door. As you can see in the photo below of this bus in Budapest, this process can be improved upon even more by providing three extra wide doors, instead of the usual two. Additionally, this system can make a metro system run more smoothly as well by eliminating the need for turnstiles.

It works like this - you buy a book of tickets from a store. Then each time you get on a bus, or enter the metro, you have to validate a ticket by sticking it in a slot on a little stamp machine. There are usually 4 or 5 of these little stampers on each bus to make it easy. Monthly pass holders don't have to do anything, they just walk on.

Oh yes, to enforce the system, inspectors periodically rove around and if they catch you without a valid ticket you get a hefty fine.

I've seen this once in the United States. St. Louis gets the kudos for using the system on their Metrolink light-rail system.


Posted by Nick at October 16, 2002 06:14 PM


when i was in budapest...i risked it all by buying only one metro pass for a week and re-stamping it every time i went through the gate. i was such a rebel!!

Posted by: Brea on November 19, 2002 11:53 PM

Ha ha.. Lucky. I was very good about it, and forgot once. I was immediately busted and had to pay the fine!

Posted by: Nick on November 21, 2002 02:52 PM


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