August 11, 2004 

More Inane Zoning Restrictions

Suburban DC: It's easy to blame developers for the ill-effects of suburban sprawl, but more often than not it's the zoning regulations that produce many of our problems and discourage many creative solutions. In Clarksburg, MD, a newly developing "town",... [read on...]

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 May 16, 2004 

Arco Arena Location

Sacramento: It has taken a long time for cities to re-discover the benefits of downtown stadiums - good for businesses, less investment in infrastructure, reintroduces the populace to public transportation and urban life, etc... etc... and now, at least in... [read on...]

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 April 20, 2004 

Unnatural Nature

Anthem, AZ: Far to the north of Phoenix, lies a rapidly expanding suburbia that is at best barely begining to understand the desert environment they are paving over. At Anthem, a painfully hokey mega-development, a superficial effort has been made... [read on...]

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High Density with no Benefits

Phoenix, AZ: This type of high-density condo development can be found all over American Suburbia, especially here in the sunbelt. The problem to me is that while they might be more affordable than other options, they take on many of... [read on...]

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 March 31, 2004 


Your Suburb: Improving schools is never a bad idea, but the trend for years has been to abandon renovation of old neighborhood school buildings and build new ones on the fringes of development. Among the problems with this approach are... [read on...]

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 March 27, 2004 

Absurd Street Widths

Tucson: This is a residential street in central Tucson and it's wide enough to hold about 8 lanes of traffic. Why? Given that only a smattering of cars use the street, then if it were 1/2 as wide, there would... [read on...]

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 December 31, 2003 

Absurd Fences

Chicago: Having lived a year in London, i got used to having fences every ten feet, but they usually seemed to define something vaguely sensible. These little enclosures in Chicago seem completely useless. (and the first one is especially ugly).... [read on...]

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 August 01, 2003 

Traffic on Oxford Street

London: Oxford Street is probably London's busiest shopping street. Private cars were banned from it some years back, but buses and taxis still have access. In principal this is a great idea, but there are so many busses and taxis... [read on...]

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 July 02, 2003 

Noise Pollution

Bayeux, France: The otherwise quaint and delightful town of Bayeux in Normandy has a strange and decidedly un-quaint situation in the town center. In the footsteps of William the Conqueror, someone has put up public loudspeakers all over the place... [read on...]

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 May 29, 2003 

Inconsistent Signage

Britain: What's the difference between these two signs? Well to me, the one on the left says "welcome bikes", whereas the one on the right says "no bikes allowed". As it turns out, they both mean "no bikes allowed". However,... [read on...]

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 May 14, 2003 

Inane Bus Routing

London: One of the drawbacks of some bus routes is that they go slowly. Not because the bus itself is slow, or because of traffic, but because the route is so crooked and inefficient. I've generally been quite happy with... [read on...]

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 January 22, 2003 

The Stink About Parking Meters

San Francisco: For once I agree with Ken Garcia. It seems the city of San Francisco is replacing those crummy old mechanical parking meters with efficient 'multi-space' meters, like you see in Europe. This sound's like a great idea to... [read on...]

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 December 09, 2002 

Shoppes o' Sprawle

Delafield, WI: Dave Barry once proposed an "extra E" tax be imposed on kitschy stores that try to sound Old-English by adding an extra 'e' or two to their names. He continues: "In extreme cases, such as 'Ye Olde Barne... [read on...]

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 November 22, 2002 

Demise of the Pedestrian

Orlando: "Orlando Streets Worst For Pedestrian Safety" according to a USA Today report. Well, big surprise. Orlando, and most American cities are really not urban at all anymore, at least in the traditional sense. They are disparate suburban networks... [read on...]

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 November 13, 2002 

Pedestrian Crossing Flags

Berkeley: I love Berkeley, I really do. But sometimes I just don't get it. The City installed 3,000 orange flags in buckets at intersections around town for pedestrians to use when crossing the street. The idea is they take a... [read on...]

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 October 21, 2002 

Crossing the Street

LONDON: I'm gonna get flamed here, but I can't help myself: The system of rights of way in London is beyond stupidity. Let's say you're strolling along the sidewalk and come to a minor intersection with no traffic light. (see... [read on...]

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 October 17, 2002 

Pointless Graffiti

BUDAPEST: To be honest, I think graffiti has it's place. I actually thought the New York Subway was much more interesting when the trains were covered in color. But there's a big difference between graffiti-art, and destructive drivel. In Budapest,... [read on...]

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 October 15, 2002 

The Peotone Airport Proposal

CHICAGO: The Background: Chicago's two airports are way overcrowded. So much so, in fact, that the slightest inclemental weather in Chicago can cripple air traffic throughout the entire continent for days at a time. The largely Democratic city of Chicago,... [read on...]

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