December 22, 2004 

Extreme Commuting

The Freeway: A recent USA Today story highlighted the growing phenomenon of "extreme commuters" - those who commute 2 hours or more each way on a regular basis. I suppose if it happened once a week for a very good... [read on...]

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 November 26, 2003 

The Wal Mart Effect

Los Angeles: Everyone loves to hate Wal-Mart for both rational and irrational reasons. As you might expect, I can't stand the place, but one ought to get the facts straight before calling out the lynch mob. The LA Times has... [read on...]

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 November 14, 2003 

Iraqi Freedom Truck

The USA: No Comment. More here.... [read on...]

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 November 20, 2002 

Geographic Ignorance

The USA: This article on CNN states that 87% of young Americans, aged 18-24, can't find Iraq on a map. Though you never know how accurate these sorts of "shock results" surveys are, I'm not especially surprised, but I am... [read on...]

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