June 06, 2005 

Dead End Fire Exits

Hong Kong: These photos were sent in by 'DickStock' from Hong Kong (thanks!). They show a dead-end door at the International Finance Centre that is labeled as a fire exit. The door literally opens into what is essentially a closet...... [read on...]

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 August 12, 2004 

Impossible Packaging

The Shop: The amount of packaging one often gets with a small item (such as this memory-stick) is often absurd, weighing many times more than the actual product. What's worse is that certain plastic packaging is practically impossible to rip... [read on...]

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 September 18, 2003 

Forced Power Cord Evolution

Laptops: I've generally been a big fan of Dell computers, but having just purchased my third Dell laptop, I can help but be infuriated by a small detail. Dell's insistence on changing the shape of the AC power cord with... [read on...]

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 August 03, 2003 

Two Faucet Sinks

The Loo: Old buildings (including many I've lived in) often feature sinks with a hot faucet and a cold faucet. The problem is, the hot is scalding and cold is cold and they don't mix. This makes washing things incredibly... [read on...]

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 March 12, 2003 

The Blue Shirt Controversy

Milwaukee: Provinciality has it's benefits and it most certainly has it's drawbacks. Milwaukee's "Blue Shirt" controversy showcases the latter. The county commissioned a work of art to adorn an otherwise featureless parking structure at Mitchell Airport. The chosen piece was... [read on...]

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 February 17, 2003 

Elevated Tunnels

Heathrow, Terminal 1: The outlying gates here are connected by very long tubes with no windows. The lack of glass would make sense if they were underground, but they're actually elevated quite high in the air. Even if you're not... [read on...]

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 December 02, 2002 

Silly Switches

London: Why do electrical outlets have on/off switches on them in the UK? As a fairly clueless foreigner it only occurs to me to switch them on after several minutes of wondering why the appliance I just plugged in isn't... [read on...]

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 November 27, 2002 

Poor Oven Design

The Kitchen: Am I becoming a practical person? Compare the Delonghi Toaster oven with the Black and Decker. The Delonghi is trendy and stylish and costs $65. Plus it's Italian, which automatically makes it cool, right? Well, unfortunately, it stinks.... [read on...]

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