November 18, 2007

Alaska Airlines Useless Apology Cards

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ak-airlines.jpgI normally like Alaska Airlines. They're generally very nice, and in the case of a major delay (during which we had to turn around and return to the airport of departure) they were polite and professional. No big deal. To make matters nicer, the airline offered a $25 discount on any future Alaska flight. That's nice. Here's the problem - in order to receive the $25 discount, you have to physically take a piece of paper to either an Alaska Airlines ticket counter or to a travel agent in order to purchase your ticket. Yes, in the year 2007 Alaska Airlines actually expects you to buy a ticket, in person, from someone behind a desk. Either that or they have DELIBERATELY imposed this rule to reduce the number of people actually redeeming the discount.

If everyone on the 737 I was on redeemed the discount, I figure that would cost the airline about $3000. I'd guess only half the people will actually remember they have the discount and with the "ticket agent" restriction in place, I'd say, about zero will actually redeem it. Nice going guys, way to be tricky.

Posted by Nick at November 18, 2007 9:15 AM

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