February 9, 2005

Avoiding Hybrids May Cost US Jobs

Category: Cars

Detroit: I'm still baffled why US manufacturers continue to be lax on hybrid vehicles and other alternatives to the traditional gasoline engine. Is it laziness? Stuborness? Do they just not care? Is it a matter of bad government incentives?

Well, aside from the obvious environmental issues, here's an article that gives even more incentive for the US to start changing the types of cars we produce: (article here). Failure to start producing hybrids at similar levels to Japan will cost US Jobs. As many as 200,000 depending on the level of hybrid adoption. And with lower gas prices nowhere in sight, that higher number looks more than likely.

Granted, Ford is now making an "escape hybrid", but it's a pretty half assed attempt. This is really suprising given the fabulous steps Ford has taken with it's River Rouge Plant - somthing that should indicate a far more forward thinking company.

Posted by Nick at February 9, 2005 6:13 PM