September 26, 2004 

International CXT

The Pits of Hell: In an uncanny display of hubris, the international truck corp has succeeded in dwarfing the Hummer with this ungodly shitbox on wheels known as the CXT. Read all about it. One can only hope this is... [read on...]

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 September 13, 2004 

Handing over Public Treasures for Pittance

Utah: Although I don't even own a car, I still accept both sides of the drilling issue - as long as we stay dependent on pathetically inefficient and dirty fossil fuels, we'll need to drill some where to get it.... [read on...]

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 September 07, 2004 

The Wright Amendment

Dallas: Thw world of aviation is filled with strange protectionist laws, but none is stranger or more questionable that the infamous "Wright Amendment" and it's cousin the "Shelby Amendment". When Dallas and Ft. Worth set out to build a massive... [read on...]

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