May 23, 2004 

Milwaukee Sewage Dumping

Milwaukee: Over the past few weeks, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District has dumped 1.5 Billion (yes, Billion) gallons of raw sewage into Lake Michigan. I can't even visualize exactly how much that is, but even into a vast lake, it... [read on...]

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Milwaukee Focus

 May 16, 2004 

Arco Arena Location

Sacramento: It has taken a long time for cities to re-discover the benefits of downtown stadiums - good for businesses, less investment in infrastructure, reintroduces the populace to public transportation and urban life, etc... etc... and now, at least in... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 May 05, 2004 

Unneeded Paper Tickets

San Francisco: I normally love the SFMoMa. Yesterday was the first tuesday of the month, and was therefore FREE admission. However, the museam still required you to pick up a paper ticket and have it collected by someone at... [read on...]

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