December 4, 2003

Extraneous Centimos

Category: Transit

Barcelona: Barcelona's otherwise fantastic metro-system offers a rather curious fine if you are caught smoking: 30 Euros and 5 Cents. Why the 5 cents? It probably costs more than 5 cents per fine in administrative fluff to deal with the change! Posted by Nick at December 4, 2003 7:38 PM



I'd hazard a guess that the fine was simply converted from pesetas to euros without rounding up or down.

Posted by: David Frazer at December 6, 2003 6:28 PM

Roman subway fares are similar. Very inconvenient if you don't have a lot of small change on you. I guess for some reason they didn't want to change the fares when the Euro changeover occurred.

Posted by: JakeV at December 9, 2003 1:30 AM

One obvious reason would be to avoid accusations of concealing a increase in the fare (or fine) in the changeover.

It's also possible that changing the fine would require altering a municpal bylaw or something.

Posted by: David Frazer at December 11, 2003 8:51 PM