November 16, 2003

Las Vegas Seeking to Ban Pedicabs

Category: Transit

The Strip: Las Vegas Boulevard and neighboring streets are among the worst designed I've ever seen. Pedestrians are funneled into overcrowded bridges and barely existent sidewalks, while traffic just sits there bumper to bumper all night. It can take 20 minutes of standing in line to get a cab which will then wind around ramp after ramp before sitting in a traffic jam for 20 more minutes all to cover a few miles distance.

In response to this, some entrepreneurial folks are now running pedi-cabs around Vegas. I'm not sure how they handle the traffic, but it looks like a perfect way for people to get places fast in a non intrusive and non polluting manner, especially to far flung places like the Hard Rock Hotel.

For a variety of reasons, Vegas wants them banned. Nonsense. The answer is to embrace pedi-cabs and other non-motorized transportation, perhaps even dedicating some traffic lanes to this sort of thing.

Posted by Nick at November 16, 2003 12:56 PM


I can't agree more on LV. Ideally, they should remove all but public transport and non-motorized vehicles from LV Blvd. Smart cabbies go around the back anyway.

Posted by: Cat at November 17, 2003 7:54 PM