September 25, 2003 

AOL Malignance

Your Computer: Few viruses are as difficult to eliminate as a bad AOL infection. My new laptop came with about 4,000 AOL icons in every possible nook and cranny: the desktop, my favorites, my links, my startup menu... These days,... [read on...]

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 September 18, 2003 

Forced Power Cord Evolution

Laptops: I've generally been a big fan of Dell computers, but having just purchased my third Dell laptop, I can help but be infuriated by a small detail. Dell's insistence on changing the shape of the AC power cord with... [read on...]

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 September 12, 2003 

Immobile Armrests

Your Airline: One of the rare luxuries of economy class air travel occurs when you have a whole row of seats to yourself. You can raise the armrests and, if all goes well, sleep the hours away. In order to... [read on...]

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