January 29, 2003 

Direct Flights (not)

Airline X: So are you flying direct? Depends how you define it. Most people think a 'direct flight' is a 'non-stop' flight. It's not. In the same defining spirit as the term '100% recycled', the term 'Direct Flight' simply means... [read on...]

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 January 22, 2003 

The Stink About Parking Meters

San Francisco: For once I agree with Ken Garcia. It seems the city of San Francisco is replacing those crummy old mechanical parking meters with efficient 'multi-space' meters, like you see in Europe. This sound's like a great idea to... [read on...]

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 January 15, 2003 

100% Recycled (not)

Side of a box: Contrary to popular belief, "100% Recycled" means 100% nothing. The legal definition of recycled paper includes scraps and leftovers from the paper manufacturing process, among other things, that have always been thrown back in the machine... [read on...]

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 January 01, 2003 

Bogus Window Seats

NWA 757: Expecting a window seat, this is what I got. Had the flight not been a merciful 45 minutes, I might have clawed a window of my own. My guess is there is a structural reason for this... [read on...]

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