December 9, 2002

Shoppes o' Sprawle

Category: Urban Planning

Delafield, WI: Dave Barry once proposed an "extra E" tax be imposed on kitschy stores that try to sound Old-English by adding an extra 'e' or two to their names. He continues: "In extreme cases, such as 'Ye Olde Barne Shoppe,' the owner would simply be taken outside and shot."

I'd spare them execution if this proposed development would simply be renamed "More Chaine Shoppes in Ye Crappey See o' Asphalte".

Posted by Nick at December 9, 2002 10:12 AM


HA - I think, by definition, a "shoppe" can never be at the "corner" of an Interstate and a Highway. "The Shoppes at Nagawaukee at the northeast corner of Interstate 94 and Highway 83"

Posted by: Andrew Sinclair at December 12, 2002 3:44 AM

Not everyone is pleased with Delafield Wisconsin in it's urban sprawling:

Posted by: Del Field at August 25, 2004 7:02 AM