December 19, 2002

Messing with Wrigley Field

Category: Wildcard

Chicago: There are few things left sacred in US professional sports. Among them is Wrigley Field in Chicago, one of the only venues around that truly integrates itself with a neighborhood, rather than sitting forlorn in a huge parking lot. There are some apartment buildings that overlook the field which have long held rooftop parties during games offering people unique, if distant, views of the game. Now, it seems the Cubs have decided to sue the owners of these buildings for "stealing their product".

In defense of the Cubs, it seems the viewers in question are not exactly everyday people with some friends over for a BBQ. The buildings are now owned by companies who charge steep admission fees for people to come and sit on the roof. But honestly, is that any worse than the greed which drives prices at the ballpark for soda and beer? I say, get over it.

Fascinating reading: Compare this Chicago Tribune article with this Sun-Times article for balance. ed note - the Tribune owns the Cubs.

Posted by Nick at December 19, 2002 11:57 AM


In a word its GREED

Posted by: Blaine Hilton at December 26, 2002 4:23 AM