December 19, 2002 

Messing with Wrigley Field

Chicago: There are few things left sacred in US professional sports. Among them is Wrigley Field in Chicago, one of the only venues around that truly integrates itself with a neighborhood, rather than sitting forlorn in a huge parking lot.... [read on...]

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 December 09, 2002 

Shoppes o' Sprawle

Delafield, WI: Dave Barry once proposed an "extra E" tax be imposed on kitschy stores that try to sound Old-English by adding an extra 'e' or two to their names. He continues: "In extreme cases, such as 'Ye Olde Barne... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 December 04, 2002 

Using AOL

Your Mailbox: "You've got another CD!" should be AOL's catch-phrase. There must be some marketing calculation that says if you bombard the populace with enough junk mail enough times you will somehow make a profit. That's possibly true, but I... [read on...]

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 December 02, 2002 

Silly Switches

London: Why do electrical outlets have on/off switches on them in the UK? As a fairly clueless foreigner it only occurs to me to switch them on after several minutes of wondering why the appliance I just plugged in isn't... [read on...]

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