November 27, 2002 

Poor Oven Design

The Kitchen: Am I becoming a practical person? Compare the Delonghi Toaster oven with the Black and Decker. The Delonghi is trendy and stylish and costs $65. Plus it's Italian, which automatically makes it cool, right? Well, unfortunately, it stinks.... [read on...]

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 November 22, 2002 

Demise of the Pedestrian

Orlando: "Orlando Streets Worst For Pedestrian Safety" according to a USA Today report. Well, big surprise. Orlando, and most American cities are really not urban at all anymore, at least in the traditional sense. They are disparate suburban networks... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 November 20, 2002 

Geographic Ignorance

The USA: This article on CNN states that 87% of young Americans, aged 18-24, can't find Iraq on a map. Though you never know how accurate these sorts of "shock results" surveys are, I'm not especially surprised, but I am... [read on...]

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 November 14, 2002 

Headlight Wipers

A nice car: Little wipers on your headlights might be useful if you live in Antarctica or somewhere prone to massive and constant mud-storms, but honestly, they seem completely superfluous to me. I recall once asking an Audi dealer to... [read on...]

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 November 13, 2002 

Pedestrian Crossing Flags

Berkeley: I love Berkeley, I really do. But sometimes I just don't get it. The City installed 3,000 orange flags in buckets at intersections around town for pedestrians to use when crossing the street. The idea is they take a... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 November 12, 2002 

The Slow Bus

San Francisco: While Muni spends millions on new busses (which are arguably inferior in many ways to the slightly dirty existing buses), no improvement, other than a cosmetic brush up takes place. One problem is that Muni simply stops... [read on...]

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 November 07, 2002 

Bad Driving (Comic Relief)

Sass Pordoi, Italia: If it were simply Darwinism at work, I'd be less likely to complain, but unfortunately, driving like a jackass shortens the lifespan of everyone on the road. There's no telling whether it was the driver of... [read on...]

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 November 05, 2002 

Car Alarms

Your City: There are few inventions I can think of that do less good than car alarms. In fact, they clearly do vastly more harm than good, ripping apart the fabric of the urban night with painfully horrendous shrieking that... [read on...]

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 November 04, 2002 

Ineffective Light Rail

San Francisco: Light Rail is a very useful form of urban transport, provided it meets one simple criteria: It must be an improvement on other forms of transit, including busses. In San Francisco, there are several light rail lines which... [read on...]

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 November 01, 2002 

Ketchup Packets

YOUR LOCAL DIVE: Curse these vile things. You need 16 packets to get a reasonable amount of ketchup, and your fingers always become annoyingly soiled, along with the table. Additionally, they represent one of the most wasteful uses of non-recyclable... [read on...]

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