October 26, 2007 

Get on the Bike Bus!

In Sydney, Australia multiple groups of commuter bicyclists have gotten organized and adopted routes with scheduled stops calling themselves a "bike bus". The brilliance is the purposeful combination of the age-old tactic of safety in numbers, social interaction, and... [read on...]

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 September 01, 2004 

Inner City Reinvestment

Baltimore: USA Today has a great article today about the relocation of companies to the inner city in what may be the begnining of a reversal to the decades old trend ot suburban flight. In addition to the myriad social... [read on...]

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 October 10, 2003 

Photovoltaics from the ground up

Tennessee: It's often the case that new technologies have to be adopted first by those with great amounts of disposable income. Photovoltaics in particular are still affordable mainly by those who can afford to appreciate them as a matter or... [read on...]

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 January 13, 2003 

Scooter Man

London: Here's a brilliant idea! If you've been out boozin' it up at the local pub and find yourself in such a state that driving home is not an option. You can call "Scooterman". A guy then shows up on... [read on...]

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 December 20, 2002 

Materials Reuse

San Francisco: Building REsources is a non-profit firm in San Francisco who collect, via donation, used materials and architectural remnants from building and demolition sites. They organize it all, and sell it. Kind of like a junkyard, but with a... [read on...]

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