March 22, 2005 

Triple Pundit is Here

Forgive me while I toot my own horn, but it is time to reveal a new project I've been working on. It is called "Triple Pundit". It's a resource for "business types, MBAs, republicans, democrats, treehuggin' hippies and entrepreneurs" to... [read on...]

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 June 09, 2004 

Photoshopping the Future

The Hypothetical World: I spent a lot of time earlier this year putting together spiced up photos of Prescott, Arizona. The photos were alterered in Photoshop to show hypothetical improvements, like trees, storefronts, bike lanes, transit systems etc... In... [read on...]

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 May 19, 2003 

Seat Guru .com

The Internet: This is the kind of website that gives me hope for the future of the internet. Seat Guru has meticulously pieced together seat maps for all aircraft currently in service for 6 major US airlines and evaluated each... [read on...]

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 May 15, 2003 

Wifi from Phone Booths

New York: One of the great difficulties in expanding Wi-Fi operations in a city is building the infrastructure to make it happen. In New York, however, Verizon has found the obvious solution: Put Wi-Fi antennas on top of their existing... [read on...]

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 April 15, 2003 

Geographic Positioning Online

Your IP Address: If it works properly, the map below should pinpoint your country. It's not smart enough to figure out where in the US you are, but that's not far away! The implications of this technology at the moment... [read on...]

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 February 28, 2003 

Cell Phone Tube Maps

London: Finally, something truly useful for fancy mobile phones: Downloadable tube maps, in full color, that you can use to navigate the system. Other cities [Paris] already have this system for PDAs, but putting it on a phone is a... [read on...]

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 January 06, 2003 

Free Municipal Wi-Fi

Long Beach, CA: Free internet access is getting even easier as Long Beach becomes one of the first cities to offer a Wi-Fi area downtown to anyone with a properly equipped computer. [NYtimes article] This is great news for internet... [read on...]

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 December 13, 2002 

Quicktime Panoramas

Your Monitor: One again, inspired by Nick Denton's weblog, I've been treated to an amazing use of technology on the internet. Quicktime Panoramic vistas are actually not that new, but this is the most thorough and impressive collection of them... [read on...]

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 December 10, 2002 

Airborne Internet

The Friendly Skies: [nytimes article] There's a certain regret in seeing one of the last web-free places fall, but honestly, as long as I'm stuck in coach what could be better than live internet to play with? The latest system... [read on...]

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 December 03, 2002 


London: This is truly brilliant. Have you ever been sitting in a bar, or walking down the street and heard a pop tune you really like, but had no idea who the artist was or what the name of the... [read on...]

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