December 20, 2005 

Park(Ing) Spaces

This is truly brilliant. A group in San Francisco concerned witht the lack of greenspace in the city recently asked the question: As long as you put money in the meter, who's to say a parking space has to have... [read on...]

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 October 11, 2005 

Taxis with Wind Generators for Cell Phones

I have a feeling this is more novelty than preacticalisty, since a cell phone could probably charge itself off a car's idling motor without any added deleterious effects. Nonetheless, here's a taxi with a wind turbine on the roof that... [read on...]

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 February 26, 2005 

Air Car!

Barcelona: Forget hydrogen. How would you like a vehicle that costs next to nothing to operate and produces no pollution? The AirCar is powered by nothing but a tank of compressed air which can keep it chugging along for as... [read on...]

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 July 30, 2004 

Plug and Pay Electric Cars

While Parked: What's better than cutting emmisions and fossil fuel dependency? Getting paid to do it! A technology called "Vehicle to Grid" is now available that will sell the excess electricity your hybrid vehicle generates back to the electric utility... [read on...]

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 September 04, 2003 

London Taxis in the US?

Chicago: I've always been a big fan of London Taxis - they're infinitely roomier than anything in the states, and they have an amazing turning radius that allows them to flip around the moment they see you. Now, it seems... [read on...]

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 April 10, 2003 

Buried Parking on a Massive Scale

Monte Carlo: Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, and a very popular destination for tourists. There is virtually no space on the surface to be wasted for parking, so it's all underground. (Unless you drive something... [read on...]

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 February 17, 2003 

Computerized Parking Networks

Dublin: Driving into a city center and trying to find parking is always a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city. In Dublin, however, the task has been brilliantly simplified. Big blue signs are posted in obvious... [read on...]

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 January 24, 2003 

Greening the Fleet

Boston: The state of Massachusetts has proposed cutting its fleet of SUVs in favor of more environmentally responsible (and cheaper) vehicles. They also propose scrapping some vehicles altogether in favor of using a car sharing scheme known as 'zipcar'. In... [read on...]

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 December 16, 2002 

The Smart Car

The Motorway: This is the famous "Smart Car". A miniscule 2 seater that supposedly gets up to 100mpg. I tried one out on Saturday and it's every bit as roomy and capable as a regular car and even accelerates... [read on...]

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 December 11, 2002 

Decent Gas Mileage

Europe: This is the Opel Station wagon, don't remember the model, Diesel powered and a completely basic, but quite adequate automobile. I drove around in it for a week in Austria and covered about 1000km, which despite the cost of... [read on...]

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 October 31, 2002 

Car Sharing

YOUR CITY: Now here's a great idea already in place in several US cities, and apparantly in Europe as well! It's called car sharing. It works like this - for a very reasonable membership/mileage fee, you can have access to... [read on...]

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