July 26, 2006

Washington University Gives Free Metrolink Passes to Students

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metrolink.jpgOne of my biggest complaints about my alma matter, Washington University in St. Louis, was the severe lack of interaction between the students and the city of St. Louis, which was always just a stone's throw away. St. Louis is still a city with a lot of problems - mainly massive abandonment despite it's being far nicer than most of the newer suburbs.

So when they built the Metrolink, I was extremely happy - it's done wonders. Unfortunately, the Metrolink didn't come close enough to the University to make much of an impact there. But that's about to change. Not only is the new Metrolink line about to open with two stops right next to Wash U, but the school will pay for students to have a pass. The school will also stop running their own shuttles along similar routes meaning the Metrolink will be the primary way to get between the main campus and the medical facility.

Not only is this great for St. Louis - it's great for the education of Wash U students who far too often come from suburban backgrounds with little or no understanding of the benefits of urban life and excellent transit.

Posted by Nick at July 26, 2006 10:16 PM

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