July 26, 2006 

Rubber Sidewalks

This article's gotten a lot of play and it sound's like a truly brilliant idea: Make sidewalks out of recycled tires - it's cheap, they apparantly last longer, they are easier on the feet, they don't have freeze/thaw issues in... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

Washington University Gives Free Metrolink Passes to Students

One of my biggest complaints about my alma matter, Washington University in St. Louis, was the severe lack of interaction between the students and the city of St. Louis, which was always just a stone's throw away. St. Louis is... [read on...]

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 July 11, 2006 

LA Country Metro Going Solar

LA County has placed solar panels on two key bus depots in the San Fernando valley. The panels should save the system $185k a year in electricity costs. Plus, it's a cool public display of solar potential. For a bigger... [read on...]

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