February 14, 2005

Hidden Supermarkets - Albertsons on Fulton/Masonic

Category: Urban Planning

Village.jpgSan Francsico: For many years, the corner of Fulton and Masonic in San Francisco was blighted by an enormous surface parking lot and an ugly (if beloved) supermarket called Falleti's. Falleti's eventually closed which, though tragic for the family owned business, opened up the land for redevlopment.

The result - a remarkably innovative conduminium development that blends into the neighborhood, integrated with a major Albertsons supermarket, and underground parking you barely notice. The architecture may be kitschy and fake, but that dosn't stop it from being a pleasant place to live and be around and a major improvement over what was there before.

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Posted by Nick at February 14, 2005 2:03 PM