July 30, 2004 

Plug and Pay Electric Cars

While Parked: What's better than cutting emmisions and fossil fuel dependency? Getting paid to do it! A technology called "Vehicle to Grid" is now available that will sell the excess electricity your hybrid vehicle generates back to the electric utility... [read on...]

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 July 28, 2004 

Signal Box Maps

Victoria, BC: I've always found public maps to be of great benefit when you're navigating unfamiliar ground, but they can be fairly expensive to set up. A group known as "Rock Solid" has come up with a nifty and... [read on...]

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 July 26, 2004 

Seat-side Plugs

Northeast Corridor: It's still a far cry from onboard WiFi, but at least Amtrak is providing power for people who desire to use their laptop for more than a short period of time on board. What would it take for... [read on...]

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 July 23, 2004 


Santa Monica: Polluted stormwater runoff is a far bigger problem than people realize. The Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility is the first project of its kind designed to treat dry weather runoff and return it to the city as... [read on...]

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