May 12, 2004

Truckee River Kayak Course

Category: Urban Planning

Reno: It may be less spontaneous than Munich's river surfing phenomenon, but putting a whitewater kayak course in the middle of your downtown is certainly unique.

Reno, struggling to shrug off a (somewhat deserved) reputation as a washed up gambling town has embraced the outdoors in a big way. It is afterall, only a short drive from all the wonders of the Lake Tahoe area. Taking it one step further, they spent $1.5 million to construct rapids and obstacles on the Truckee River as it passes through downtown.

Granted, it's a wee bit artificial, but it's certainly a fresh idea that eoncourages more healthful activity than slumping over a slot machine. It probably generates a ton of revenue as well when kayaking contests come to town.

[check it out]

Posted by Nick at May 12, 2004 7:45 AM


There is a similar course on the river in the French town of Chinon in the Loire valley.

Posted by: Ian at May 31, 2004 5:03 AM